Mechanical Analysis, Expertise and Calculation - Méca

General presentation

The expertise in structural design and material behaviour to perform adequate technical studies in building construction and architecture


ESIEE roof - Axima Suez/D. PERRAULT

MECA, Technical Engineering Office in building and construction is specialised in development assistance and study for execution in innovative structures. Architects, project owner, building and construction companies, we ensure technical feasibility, respecting the initial project you entrust us.

Calcul-MECA is specialised in the realisation of services in the field of mechanical analysis and validation of structures.

Multi-materials structural calculations

Calcul-MECA is also a calculation office for a range of materials specifically for industry. The calculation of structures and assemblies is an essential step in a project to develop new products. Numerical simulation of the in-service behavior of parts and structures is carried out in relation to the building codes. It makes it possible to mechanically analyze the constraints related to the structure, materials and their long-term technical performance.

 Multi-material calculations

A team, a cluster and a network of partners

Our team of engineers and specialized technicians is reinforced by our network of partners, it is then possible to go further in controling model analysis and laws of behavior of materials (plasticity, hyperplasticity, anisotropy , creep, fatigue, ageing ...). Our organisation as a cluster allows us to offer you relevant and innovative recommendations through collaborative work with our designers and experts with specific skills especially in executive work and manufacturing.