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Judicial expertise

Pascal Macquet, manager of Expert-Meca, is registered on the list of experts of Justice at the Court of Appeal of Rennes :

in the branch "Industries" for the speciality :

  • E-04.03 Mechanical engineering
  • E-02.04 Oil and gas
  • E-05.02 Assembly
  • E-07.02 Lifting and Handling machine

in the branch "Building and public works sector" for the speciality :

  • C-01.12.03 metalic frames and beams

The experts of Justice are entitled professional in charge of give to magistrate a technical advice in order to bring clarification for an affair.

They can also act as a conciliator, mediator or arbitrator.

The Expert of Justice is a sworn professional, it's a technicien and doesn't tell the law.

Judicial expertise

Judicial expertise