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R&D : Flow rate coefficient of a valve - Abscisse

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  • Valve on test bench

    Valve on test bench

  • Distortion of a membrane resulting of flow rate

    Distortion of a membrane resulting of flow rate

  • Evolution of flow rate

    Evolution of flow rate

The tests were carried out on behalf of our client, Abscisse, and took place at CESAME Exadebit. They involved determining the flow capacities of a SOREVI 7 prototype valve. These tests were performed with compressed air.

The valve was pressure-tested and then, since it is not possible to put the loop under negative pressure, it was installed in the opposite direction of the flow, i.e. so that the pressure drop between the downstream and the upstream is equal to the value of the desired depressurisation. 

The tests involved firstly finding the flow coefficients of the device at a given positive pressure and then determining the changes in the flow for pressures ranging from 0.05 bar to over 0.15 bar. Secondly, a small positive pressure was applied to the downstream side of the valve and various types of membranes with different levels of hardness were tested.

Once the results were obtained, they were used by our client. 

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