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Inauguration of Holy Trinity Cathedral

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The 4,800 sq metre complex-features the newly-built Holy Trinity Cathedral capped with five golded domes; a parish centre comprising an auditorium and foyer, offices and apartments; a French-Russian primary school for 150 pupils; and a cultural centre, including a bookshop, exhibition spaces and a coffee shop was inaugurated on the 19th october 2017.

A unique part of this project was that the production of the domes was begun even before the building’s foundation were completed. The central dome was completed by March 2016. The composite material solution provided a number of advantages. The domes’ light weight allowed for rapid installation as well as reducing the dead loads that must be carried by the building structure. Another benefit of building the domes offsite was that both manufacture and decoration of the domes could be carried out in controlled conditions without the weather impacting the production process.


Holy Trinity Cathedral

Holy Trinity Cathedral

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