Mechanical Analysis, Expertise and Calculation - Méca

Calculation of composite materials

Calculation of material composites

Basic module: 2 days

Complete module: 10 days

Composite mechanics

  •     understand the behavior of composites from their components,
  •     properties of resins, fibers, core materials, behavior of reinforcements (unidirectional, off-axis, fabrics),
  •     theory of laminated materials, interlaminar constraints, failure criteria, thermics of stratified materials.

Calculation by finished elements of composites

  •     Know how to model parts in composites materials: beams, shells, 3D
  •     Implement and understand the thermo-mechanical calculations: statics, bowing, vibrations, shock
  •     Interpret the results: first ply failure, last ply failure, fatigue, damage tolerance, optimization
  •     Implementation of an application case