Mechanical Analysis, Expertise and Calculation - Méca

General introduction

Training conducted by the Meca group

•    For studies office calculators, calculation engineers
•    Prerequisites: Knowledge and practical experience of linear mechanics and isotropy,
•    Declaration of activity registered under number 52 44 05464 44 at the prefecture of the region Pays de la Loire.
•    Existing training: for example, 50 calculation engineers trained in composite calculation in 2006

Composite Materials (FAFIEC) Calculation of Composite Materials Calculation of Elastomers 

Weld stress calculation in cooperation with the CETIM (Centre technique des industries mécaniques [Technical center of mechanical industries])


Specific Meca training

Training on request and à la carte generally intended for customers in their application field

Examples of training already given:

  • Calculation of pressure devices in composite materials,
  • Calculation applied to industrial faucets,
  • Calculation of gaskets in cylinder rods,
  • Calculation of multi-material assembly parts (composites, metal, alloys) for sports articles,
  • Composite calculation applied for designing a bus,
  • Calculation of residual constraints in polymer-based parts,
  • Calculation of bonded and riveted assemblies,
  • Calculation of polymer fatigue, filled or not,
  • ...