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Damage analysis and follow-up of the repair of a cereal loader gantry - SENALIA

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  • Cereal loader gantry

    Cereal loader gantry

  • Work in progress, deformed chord cut, preparation for its replacement

    Work in progress, deformed chord cut, preparation for its replacement

On a belt conveyor gantry, Expert-Meca was asked to analyze the disorders caused by a shock on the lattice boom and to seek operational solutions for repair.

As the provider of storage, handling and logistics services for ports and industries, the cooperative group SENALIA operates its business on four sites in the port of ROUEN. Its core business is providing services for the export of cereals.

The boom of a loading container crane was hit in its working position by a crane attached to a ship at the quay. This incident caused a permanent deformations of the meshed boom, which prevented the crane from operating properly.
EXPERT-Méca intervened to identify the nature of the disorders, to specify and justify the repair procedure, and to manage repairs carried out by another service provider.
The repair of the crane’s boom resulted in:

  • Removing the section of the upper longitudinal tube member that had undergone plastic deformation and replacing it with a new straight tube;
  • Significantly reducing the twist of the boom.

Operational tests conducted by SENALIA have shown that the carriage that supports the ship loading equipment after these repairs now moves without crab walking or blocking.