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First tests of the photovoltaic sail on Seguin Island

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Photovaltaic sail design by Méca

Photovaltaic sail design by Méca

Seguin Island Musical Complex, designated as the best future project at Mipim, tin 2015 in Cannes, is currently being tested.

Indeed, the engineers are working to slide the photovoltaic sail installed on December 7th.

"After a series of static tests, the teams have successfully started the first kinematic tests of the sail. From its 45 meters, this 200-tonne structure moved at a speed of nearly 5 meters per minute, "explains Bouygues Construction. "This is a truly unique technical challenge in the world that is being raised. The Seine Musicale is sailing towards the finish line, "adds the group.

The photovoltaic sail covered with more than 1000 square meters of solar panels must follow the sun in its course. A feat made partly thanks to the expert firm Meca because we worked on the design of the sail as well as the calculations allowing the sail to turn around the auditorium in glass according to the displacements of the sun.

See the progress of the construction site in video

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