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Justification for the frequency of hydraulic tests of a transport pipeline - Expert mission – ARKEMA

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  • Pump of the station

    Pump of the station

  • Outline of the pipeline

    Outline of the pipeline

By evaluating the residual life of a pipeline against the risks of fatigue damage, EXPERT-Méca has justified to the administration the periodicity of the hydraulic tests of a transmission pipeline.

The PETROCHEMICAL COMPANY DE BERRE applied to EXPERT-Méca for an appraisal mission to investigate a study that would justify the exemption from application of the reduced duration between two successive hydraulic tests.

In order to prove that the number and intensity of the pressure cycles actually undergone by the pipeline are very low in terms of what the pipeline can bear, EXPERT-Méca carried out an evaluation by calculating the residual life of the pipeline against the risks of damage by initiation and propagation of fatigue cracks.

The time interval between two hydraulic tests of this pipeline was thus maintained at 10 years.