Mechanical Analysis, Expertise and Calculation - Méca

The Team

The Méca team

  • Calcul-Méca
  • DURAND Samuel

    Samuel DURAND
    Manager of the compagny Méca and Conception-Méca

  • GRUAND Ralph

    Ralph GRUAND
    Manager of the compagny Méca and Conception-Méca

  • BERTHELOT Pierre

    Pierre BERTHELOT
    Partner of the compagny Méca, Structural engineer

  • BROCHARD Kévin

    Kévin BROCHARD
    Structural engineer

  • JOURNET Luce

    Luce JOURNET
    Structural engineer

  • VIEAU Stéphane

    Stéphane VIEAU
    Structural engineer

  • CLAUDE Bertille

    Bertille CLAUDE
    Structural engineer


    Structural engineer

  • BEYLAT Delphine

    Delphine BEYLAT
    Structural engineer

  • FAVRY Alexandre

    Alexandre FAVRY
    Structural engineer


    Structural engineer

  • BOULAY Laurent

    Laurent BOULAY
    Structural engineer

  • HEGUY Gabriel

    Gabriel HEGUY
    Structural engineer

  • LE ROUZIC Thomas

    Thomas LE ROUZIC
    Structural engineer

  • BLOCH Alexis

    Alexis BLOCH
    Structural engineer

  • BALL Adeline

    Adeline BALL
    Administrative and accounting assistant

  • LARREUR Marion

    Marion LARREUR
    Structural engineer

  • Conception-Méca
  • GUELZEC Stéphane

    Stéphane GUELZEC
    Product design leader

  • GONZALEZ Séréna

    Séréna GONZALEZ
    Design engineer, block release training

  • VIDAL Rémi

    Rémi VIDAL
    Design engineer

  • CLOAREC Gaël

    Gaël CLOAREC
    Industrial draughtsman


    Design engineer

  • DAVAL Nicolas

    Nicolas DAVAL
    Design engineer

  • RABILLE Anthony

    Anthony RABILLE
    Design Engineer

  • Erflow Engineering
  • PIERRAT Daniel

    Daniel PIERRAT
    Manager of the compagny Erflow Engineering

  • GHEFFARI Elamine

    Elamine GHEFFARI
    CFD engineer

  • Fluide-Méca
  • CHABANE Saïd

    Saïd CHABANE
    Manager of the compagny Fluide-Méca

  • GOURAUD Stéphanie

    Stéphanie GOURAUD
    Acoustic technician

  • Expert-Méca
  • MACQUET Pascal

    Pascal MACQUET
    Manager of the compagny Expert-Méca

Comprising a team of experienced engineers and technicians whose skills complement each other, the cluster is your guarantee of quality workmanship that meets the requirements of your project.

We will entrust your project to specialists in the behaviour of metals, composites, polymers, elastomers… under static or dynamic stress, specialists in hydraulics and acoustics as experts of CFD.

Our strength resides in the skills and experience of our team and those of our network, other specialised consultancy firms, independent experts and our clients’ experts.