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Optimisation topologique, ACS

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  • Légende 1 (EN) : definition material volume Force

    Légende 1 (EN) : definition material volume Force

  • Légende 2 (EN) : topological optimization algorithms

    Légende 2 (EN) : topological optimization algorithms

  • Légende 3 (EN) : Definition of an optimal network rib

    Légende 3 (EN) : Definition of an optimal network rib

Use material wisely, reduce weight, reduce costs and to define new concepts.

In a context of limited resources, the topology optimization is becoming a vital tool for the design of products and structures.

Calcul-Mécacarries topological optimization studies.

Sample injected sleeper polymer subjected to a longitudinal force in the center. Unreinforced, the cross suffered too much twist.

Traditionally, engineer consulting firm resolve design issues proceeding by trial and error. From his experience and expertise, he draws a first part, then check the calculation that it meets the specifications. If this is not the case, it modifies its design and so on until compliance constraints. In most cases, several iterations are required. This approach is thus often very time consuming and imprecise.

The topological optimization is to find the ideal distribution of matter in a given volume subjected to mechanical stress. The problem to be solved can have multiple constraints (strength, stiffness, fatigue, vibration, heat, ..).
Topological density varying between 0 and 1 is assigned to each element discretization (finite element mesh). The problem is optimized by using a method of penalties to force the densities of elements to 0 (no matter) or to 1 (presence of matter).

The topological optimization allows to define new concepts or structures to find proven concepts (see case of the bridge). It is a design tool without a priori to choose a suitable initial topology. This comes in draft, as an objective aid in the selection of the general characteristics of the structure.

Calcul-Meca using optimization tools Optistruct Altair.