Mechanical Analysis, Expertise and Calculation - Méca

Areas of expertise

Expert-Meca provides customers with advanced technical expertise on the behaviour of materials and structures.

Our technical expertise encompasses the following areas:

  • the behaviour of metallic materials, composites, polymers and elastomers in operating conditions,
  • design and dimensioning of equipment, structures and mechanisms,
  • design technologies and assembly processes, welding, mechanical fasteners, riveting, etc.,
  • instrumentation, inspection/test methods and analysis/use of results,
  • assessment of the harmfulness of defects and the residual service life,
  • failure modes during operation: brittle fracture, fatigue, failure mechanics, corrosion and tribology,
  • Assessment of compliance with safety regulations.

To complement our technical expertise, we rely on:

  • our many years of experience working with the various industry segments,
  • our knowledge of building codes.


Workmanship defects in welded and bolted joints

     Workmanship defects in welded and bolted joints                                    Stress corrosion


Metallurgical cracking                                 Fatigue cracks                                     Crevice corrosion