Mechanical Analysis, Expertise and Calculation - Méca

Areas of expertise

Design and calculation of PEM Saint Nazaire POLYECIM (Architect Tetrarc)

Design and calculation of PEM Saint Nazaire POLYECIM (Architect Tetrarc)

Conception-Meca has developped know-how and competences in :

  • Industrial design studies, innovative and creative drafts
    • Technical and functional analysis
    • The transposition of industrial design methodology for the building sector
    • Transposition metal composite parts, the choice and behavior of composite materials, manufacturing process, the pre-design, draping plans and costing of parts and tools.
  • The design of structures, mechanical, thermal, static, dynamic optimization and composite in accordance with building codes or standards, taking into account the actions of the snow, wind and earthquake applicable. Analyzes and recommendations regarding shock, fatigue, aging
  • The design and development of multi-material product for construction and industry, composite materials, including the definition of tools
  • Implementation and monitoring of characterization tests or qualification of composite materials
  • Process Studies
  • Folders industrial definition methods

We use and are an expert in codes and standards of construction.