Mechanical Analysis, Expertise and Calculation - Méca

General introduction

Meca : an expertise center with complementary skills in mechanical analysis

Calcul-Meca, Conception-Meca, Expert-Meca, Fluid-Meca and Formation-Meca form an efficient cluster of advice, research & development, mechanical studies & analyses concerning the behavior of materials and structures.

Our range of global and international services extends from the implementation of project/product studies and designs through industrialization or delivery of the work to the certification and maintenance phases.

Combining the services of a technical studies office concerned with special structures for construction, a multi-material calculation office for industry, a technical expertise office for industrial structures and equipment, and an industrial conception and design studies office for multi-material parts, we support our customers by integrating their technical and economic constraints.


Distribution of roles between the different companies in the cluster.


From innovation to lasting performance of the developments

Our mission is to interface the latest innovations and research regarding the behavior of materials and structures with the technical and economic feasibility of each project, while taking account the development of construction codes.

Whether relating to the industrial, construction or architectural sectors, we are on hand to support our customers in optimizing the security of their projects and their environmental performance, as well as preventing risk with the aim of controlling costs.


A network of multi-professional skills

Calcul-Meca, Conception-Meca, Expert-Meca and Fluide-Meca bring together teams of engineers and technicians, backed up by external experts specializing in the behavior of materials. A synergy of skills that covers a vast field of technical expertise :



The cluster is the link between the theory and our clients’ expectations. We are like an interface between research and development institutes, university laboratories and technical centres, and the clients, architectural firms, builders, operators, insurers and legal experts.

We stand by you in achieving your projects; from study to technical expertise under operating conditions, including the stages of design, dimensioning, manufacture, assembly, monitoring and maintenance.

 Roofs of the Haramain High Speed Rail Stations