Mechanical Analysis, Expertise and Calculation - Méca

General presentation

The expertise of calculating structures and the behavior of materials at the heart of technical studies of construction or architecture


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Both an office of structure calculation and an expert in the behavior of materials, Calcul-Meca is a BET (bureau d’études techniques [technical studies office]) for special structures. We place our knowledge and experience of the mechanical analysis of polymers and composites at the service of project owners, architects and decision-makers for building, architecture and construction.

Calcul-Meca specializes in providing services in the field of mechanical analysis and structure validation.



Calculation of multi-material structures

The calculation of structures and assemblies is an essential step in a development project of new products. Digital simulation of the behavior of parts and structures in service is performed in accordance with  the construction codes. It allows us to mechanically analyze the constraints linked to the structure and materials and to validate their performance in the long term.

 Multi-material calculations


A team, a cluster and a network of partners

Comprising specialized engineers and technicians, our team is reinforced by our network of partners with specific skills to advance further in mastering the analysis of models and laws governing the behavior of materials (plasticity, hyperplasticity, anisotropy, creep, fatigue, aging etc.). Furthermore, our cluster grouping allows us to offer you pertinent and innovative recommendations thanks to joint work with our designers and multi-professional experts.


Methodology and tools

Calcul-Meca has efficient tools and internal standards that have been improved through 13 years of experience. Tools and processes aiming for performance and reliability.

We have tools for to analyze project design, feasibility, validation and optimization. Advanced exploration with the following software: Radioss, Nastran, ADINA, ASTER, COSMOS/M, COSMOS/Works, DesignSTAR, Hypermesh, Optistruct.

The Research and Development activity of Calcul-Meca is oriented towards calculation of structures and assemblies, analysis and choice of materials, mastery of models and laws of behavior. Calcul-Meca has been approved by Crédit Impôts Recherche [Research Tax Credit] since 2009.

Calcul-Meca is a member of the industrial competitiveness center EMC2 (Ensembles Métalliques et Composites Complexes [metal structures and complex composites]) headquartered in Nantes and a member of the I.R.T. Jules VERNE (Centre de Recherche Technologique [Technological Research Institute] Jules Verne) through the EIG (Economic Interest Group) Albatros and the PGCE-Novabuild (Pole Génie Civil Eco-construction [civil engineering and eco-construction center).