Mechanical Analysis, Expertise and Calculation - Méca

Our services

Expert-Méca mainly provides two types of services:

1 – Evaluation of suitability for use under operating conditions of works and structures

When rendering services as a second or third expert, we issue structure assessment reports including:

  • a mechanical history and a reassessment of the actual operating conditions,
  • an expert opinion on the design and dimensioning with reference to the updated versions of the building codes,
  • the identification of existing damage and/or sensitive areas with their criticality factor,
  • as required, recommendations for the repair / strengthening / redesign of defective constructional details,
  • the definition of methodologies for monitoring the operating conditions through appropriate instrumentation,
  • the audit / the requirement / the optimisation of monitoring and maintenance programmes,
  • the assessment of the residual service life based on the various operating scenarios,
  • the diagnosis of regulatory compliance.

 Missions of Expert-Meca

1 : Special assessment of harbour cranes
2 : Securing heritage structures
3 : Ability to use machinery
4 : Monitoring the operating conditions of transmission pipelines
5. Security of storage tanks
6 : Security of storage racks

 security of storage racks - Expert-Meca

2 – Failure analyses

Expert-Méca can also perform expert analyses of your defective structures and materials. Our analyses always include identification of the root cause of the failure and the nature of the resulting damage.

Depending on the situation, we are able to provide the following additional services:

  • definition of curative actions to repair the damage as well as suggestions to improve the structure to prevent the problem from reoccurring,
  • definition of corrective actions to be applied on similar items of equipment to prevent recurrent damage,
  • definition of preventive actions to avoid reproducing unsuitable detailing provisions on future items of equipment. These actions include training for design offices and planning departments.

We apply our expertise to the management of multidisciplinary projects. We can call on the skills and experience of our teams in mechanical engineering ad materials as well as those of other partners, in particular the Technical Industrial Centres and their test and analyses laboratories.


1 : Failure further to overload
2 : Failure of the mechanisms
3 : Impact of corrosion on metallic structures

1 :Failure of a storage tank
2 : Impact damage
3 : Pipeline rupture

Redesign further to failure of the keel box of a racing yacht offshore