Mechanical Analysis, Expertise and Calculation - Méca


Expert-Meca provides all expert assessments of industrial structures and equipment and evaluates the suitability for use of the works under actual operating conditions.

Lifting and handling machinery                                                    Vehicle access way to vessels

Building and industrial plant 

We have established an accurate and effective methodology geared towards providing substantiated opinions regarding structural integrity and structure mechanisms during service. These recommendations must take account of any equipment flaws to allow us to issue opinions that are not merely confined to the levels of compliance with a code or a reference standard.

Our approach is centred on:

  • enhancing safe operation
  • managing operational safety
  • optimising operating costs
  • reducing environmental impacts

Expert-Meca is attentive to the expectations of public officials, customers, operators, insurers and court-appointed experts when analysing the risks associated with the operating conditions and accordingly we offer tailored solutions that are suited to our customer’s technical and economical environment.


Ecluse et ouvrage d'art

Lock gates                                                                        Engineering structures


Transmission pipelines                                                     Storage tanks