Mechanical Analysis, Expertise and Calculation - Méca

R & D

Thermal tooling study

Thermal tooling study

We have acquired expertise and skills in:

  • mechanical and thermal finite-element calculation of structures and assemblies in accordance with construction codes and standards.
  • analysis and choice of materials in metallic, composite, polymer, elastomer, wood, concrete and glass structures.
  • expertise in behavioural models and laws: plasticity, hyper-elasticity, anisotropy, fatigue, creep, ageing

We develop and adapt new models in order to offer ever more predictive simulation solutions to optimise products (saving weight and reducing costs), develop new materials or new associations of materials through a better understanding of their behaviour.

We have specifically studied three R&D themes since 2006:

  • forecasting characteristics of composite materials,
  • non-linear calculation of composite materials and elastomers, behaviour over time (fatigue and creep)
  • modelling of processes occurring during manufacture of composite materials, plastics and elastomers

Calcul-Meca is a member of the EMC2 (Complex Metal and Composite Assemblies) industrial competitiveness cluster whose head office is in Nantes.

Calcul-Meca is a member of the Jules Verne technological research institute through the Albatros E.I.G.

We are involved in these clusters’ collaborative projects (FUI, calls for S.M.E. projects).



Calcul-Meca is also a member of the Novabuild eco-construction civil engineering cluster.